First of all welcome to the Abandoned Blog.
I'm Nuno Maia, portuguese, graphic and web designer and one of my hobbys is photography and "Urban Exploration". This website is dedicated to this emerging, fascinating and radical activity. 
Here you'll find the best places on earth to explore. Our main goal is to be a useful guide to urban explorers around the world. People who really love and enjoy these unusual scenarios.
Our greatest source of information is the internet. And we make a point of honor to mention clearly our sources. As this blog lives essentially the image, and our amount of text is reduced, some times we just make minor amendments to the texts of our sources. We have too the concern to present only cases that can currently be seen.
The abandon of these structures, gives to them a poetic beauty that makes them, almost works of art.
"No matter how complex and well hidden underground structures are, dedicated urban explorers can penetrate any mysterious catacombs or forbidden places and come out with spectacular reports". Let the adrenaline flow and have fun!

Don't ever forget our motto:
"Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but pictures"