/// Hotel Monte Palace

Where: Portugal - Azores
Source: Forum Lugares Esquecidos
What: The Monte Palace 5 stars hotel is situated on the island of St. Miguel in the Azores. This monumental building has a privileged view of the "Lagoa das sete cidades", the main ex-libris of the archipelago. Opened to the public in 1989 and closed a year and a half later because of bankruptcy. For many years, it had guard and dogs to keep the building free of looting, but lately they disappeared and the building deteriorated greatly. Today is abandoned and pledged to a bank.

Breve história: O hotel de 5 estrelas Monte Palace fica situado na ilha de S. Miguel nos Açores. Este incrível edifício tem uma vista priveligiadíssima sobre a Lagoa das sete cidades, a maior atracção do arquipélago. O Hotel abriu ao público em 1989 tendo acabado por fechar ano e meio depois devido a problemas financeiros. Durante vários anos um guarda e alguns cães foram mantendo o edifício protegido de pilhagens. Contudo, ultimamente eles desapareceram e o seu interior degradou-se muito. Hoje está completamente abandonado e penhorado por um banco.

/// Sanzhi Ufo Houses

Where:  New Taipei City - Taiwan
Source:  Yusheng Flickr
What:  The Ufo Houses were constructed beginning in 1978 and abandoned in 1980. It was originally supposed be a tourism-driven town, and the unique architecture of the place reflects that goal. A series of “mysterious accidents” plagued the settlement as soon as it was completed, so it was never actually used; just left abandoned to rot. Local religious beliefs held the complex to be the base of angry spirits, which is supposedly why it was never demolished.

/// "Six Flags" Amusement Park

Where:  United States - New Orleans
Source:  Club Cela
What:  This Six Flags theme park in New Orleans was shut down on 27h August 2005 in preparation (two days before) for Hurricane Katrina. Since that day never opened to the public, and still completely abandoned.