/// Sitges-Terramar Speedway

Where:  Spain - Sitges, Barcelona
Source:  Cartype
What:  The Sitges-Terramar Speedway it's a former racing circuit located near Barcelona that unfortunately was abandoned after the inaugural race in 1923. In 1922 Frick Amangue founded Autodromo Nacional, S.A to oversee the construction of a new concrete oval for auto and motorcycle racing. The architects were Jaume Mestres (track) and Josep Maria Martino (facilities). It was completed in 300 days at a cost of 4 million pesetas. The track had a length of 2 kilometers and banking in the corners of 60 degrees. After the opening meeting was held on October 28, 1923 for 2-litre GP cars, and won by Albert Divo in a Sunbeam, unpaid construction overruns caused the builders to seize the gate receipts, leaving the organizers with no money to pay the drivers. As a result, the track was forbidden to host international races again. Owing to the excellence of its construction, the track remains intact even after 90 years of disuse.

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